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Blockchain where it brings value

Blockchain is raising huge interest in the corporate and institutional world but it needs to create real use cases where it can deliver value. Companies and institutions need help with technology development, integration, and understanding of the legal frameworks and risks. Our vision is to go beyond the hype, using blockchain where it can bring differential benefits, and making it attainable for institutions and corporations.

We are dedicated to supporting and promoting our partners as part of our work to bridge public and private entities and promote global blockchain adoption across diverse fields such as :

Rocket Web 3 focus






Energy and environment

Supply chain


What we do

We strive to democratize and develop the blockchain talent pool, federate, and create bridges between NGOs, government agencies, foundations, impact investors, philanthropists, and technologists, and bundle everything needed to fulfilling the global promise of the blockchain for everyone to harness the potential of a truly borderless economy.

  1. We partner with and serve regulated, institutional clients, with a strong focus on the financial industry - ranging from commercial payments to capital markets.

  2. We focus on applications of regulated tokenized money and digital assets.

  3. We build proprietary technology IP, which we use to build business applications and platforms for clients.

  4. We partner with specialized technology firms that are leading the protocol layer in the blockchain space, helping steer their roadmap and bridging the gap with the enterprise, regulated financial world.

  5.We promote new, collaborative business models enabled by

     blockchain technology for leading payers in the financial             industry

How we do it

We deploy various initiatives to support our objectives :

  • Project-based learning ;

  • Innovation acceleration ;

  • learn-to-earn, play-to-learn-to-earn, play-to-earn ;

  • various events and initiatives contributing to building and deploying decentralized applications, tools, and features at the forefront of blockchain mass adoption.

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