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Rocket decentralized ledger technology and the blockchain (RDLT) venture studio


A hybrid web3 business building bridging the gap between traditional startup studio, defi and venture capital to materialize the best ideas into successful, market-fit spin-offs in the shortest time possible.

Startup Manufacturing


We partner with world-class Web3trepreneurs to create a new generation of products and services addressing people's real needs.

Rocketweb3 aims to build the foundational bricks, tools and applications so that businesses and teams can take full advantage of the amazing web3 opportunities that lie ahead. We are currently looking at reinventing agriculture, energy distribution, charities, e-governance , financial inclusion, addressing gender inequality, and more in a web3 native world. We are also exploring development tools that allow web2 companies to integrate web3 experiences into their products without compromising the user experience.

We are an one stop shop armed with agile venture development
process & blueprints

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